Ask:   can't sleep.
It’s taken long enough to see
Your true colours
You’ve got so many baby
You’re like a fuckin rainbow
Fink - Honesty (from Perfect Darkness)
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In the beginning there was tumult →

In the beginning there was tumult.
Someone called for silence,
for diligence
and then for love.

A man stood up and said:
“How can I ever make it clear that I really,
really … ”
“What?” the people around him cried.  “What?”
“ … do not despise you?”

and that man kissed children falling from the sky,
women flowing past in slow muddy streams,
mothers in their glistening cocoons,

and among the people loneliness erupted,
like thunder in summer.
O summer!

-Toon Tellegen


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A Thought

There must be a thought
That is too horrible to think 
I am thinking of that thought

I think
She is burried
Beneath all my other thoughts
And has got nothing to do
With God or death
Or anything whatsoever

-Toon Tellegen (Translated from Dutch. Original name: Een gedachte)

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