Ask:   can't sleep.
You know?


I guess I just..

you know?

in a way it’s like…

…well, I mean

it’s not like,

..but it’s just know?

I mean it’s not that i don’t

it’s just that..

well, to be honest…

You know what?

I just don’t

I mean, why?

…you know?

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A man plunged to his death holding a two year old child today.

One, possibly two women were killed.

The killers are still on the loose.

I took the long way home today.

There is something magical in the warm and indifferent air.

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It’s taken long enough to see
Your true colours
You’ve got so many baby
You’re like a fuckin rainbow
Fink - Honesty (from Perfect Darkness)
— 1 year ago

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